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in January 2021 with a simple prayer: "LORD, light the fire in my heart again." At that time, I was preparing for back surgery, which would require several months of bed rest. Knowing that I would be confined to my bed, I asked the LORD that simple and heartfelt request, and that's precisely what He did!

In October 2021, I traveled from Florida to attend special gatherings at Lake Church in Newport, NH, following a friend's invitation. After these gatherings concluded, I returned to home and told my wife that the LORD was calling us to live a life real faith. Astonishingly, just three days later, I experienced an unexpected and abrupt job termination. A lot can happen in three days. 

Once the initial shock and emotions associated with losing my job subsided, I received a clear message from the LORD that confirmed that this was His plan, and He directed us to embark on a journey to New England.

Approximately five months later, we made the life-altering decision to sell our beautiful home and a significant portion of our possessions. Our sole purpose was to move to a modest apartment in Newport, NH, driven by our unwavering commitment to follow the Lord wherever He might lead us. There were no job offers waiting for us, and no assurances of any kind.


We embarked on this journey of faith, firmly believing that we would witness the manifestation of God's glory, as He had promised, in our lives. We held fast to the scripture from John 11:40, where Jesus asks Martha, "Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?" Our hearts brimmed with eager anticipation of encountering that divine glory.

Now, two years later, we can unequivocally affirm that this period has been both the most challenging and the most spiritually enriching year of our lives. We've borne witness to miracles and the awe-inspiring works of God. We have the honor of encountering His presence and we have had the opportunity to be in places where Jesus tangibly walked into the room. Not only that, but our kids have encountered this living Christ for themselves. He is not just the God of their parents, but now He is their God too. Is that the goal?


Before we came to Newport, NH God had put it on my heart to establish a Christian coffee house in New Hampshire. The purpose of this place was to bring Jesus to the community through amazing coffee. While praying for it in my office I heard the name: Prayer House Coffee. Now, in Claremont, NH, Prayer House Coffee has been born and is in the works! Prayer House is the practical application of The Jesus Project's mission and vision. We use this place to love Jesus, tell people about Jesus' Gospel, and make a space where people can encounter the presence of Jesus. ​


Not only that, but we see Prayer House Coffee's in major cities all throughout the USA. These will not just be places to have amazing coffee and treats, but places where people from all walks of life will come to meet the Lord Jesus. These spaces will be churches in their own right without being in church buildings, and Jesus will be glorified!

Thank you for your consideration to partner with what Jesus is doing in New England! All funds go directly into the Gospel of mission of bringing Jesus to the streets and creating spaces where His presence will be made manifest in the earth. New England will encounter the glory of God, and your generosity makes that possible. 

If you're interested in franchising a Prayer House Coffee in your city, then please reach out to us! We're looking for people with the call of God to bring Jesus into the marketplace. Jesus still destroys the work of the devil, and watch Him turn these cities around to the glory of God the Father. 

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