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To Build the Kingdom of God

on the Earth.


God's Word, the Bible, is the  truth, light, and life. It is inerrant and infallible, and the means by which God has chosen to save sinners. The Word of God was clothed in humanity, and His name is Jesus. Those who believe in Him are given the right to become sons and daughters of God.


Worship is a way of life that involves praising and thanking God in every situation. While singing and playing instruments are common expressions of worship, it encompasses much more. Worship is having a heart that is belongs to God and is devoted to loving Jesus. At its core, worship is ministry to Jesus, and, as a royal priesthood, our highest calling is to minister to Him with our whole heart and being.


Through the vocal and clear proclamation of the Gospel hearts of stone are transformed into hearts of flesh. God has not chosen to save men through man's wisdom or knowledge, but through the foolishness of what is preached. To that end, we preach Christ, and Him crucified.


What We Value

The Bible emphasizes the importance of the relationships we have with God and each other. These relationships were broken by sin, but thanks to Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross, they have been restored. The shedding of His blood has allowed us to experience perfect fellowship with God and each other. As children of the Father, the bride of Christ, and temples of the Holy Spirit, we are one with Him and united with each other. As the Church, we are a community of believers who are redeemed and bound together by our faith and love for one another.


Sharing Gospel of Jesus with others is the ultimate act of love and kindness. As Jesus-followers, we are called to spread His message to all corners of the world and foster a community of believers united under His name. We believe, and have born witness, that Jesus transforms the lives of all those who accept Him into their hearts, and we strive to make that connection happen every day.


We believe that God is the most creative Being in the universe, and that He has given people made in His image the ability to be creative too. That's why we strive to use all of the gifts that God has given to those who love Him, to tell others about Him. We want to use every possible means to reach out and connect with people, to share the Gospel and Person of Jesus.


We Believe

Knowing Jesus

We can intimately know Jesus, and it is His desire for us to know Him.

Made for


We were created in God's image for the purpose of being invited into eternal unity with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Christ Alone

When fellowship with God was broken due to Adam's sin that the blood of Jesus shed on the cross paid for our sin and repaired relationship with God by His grace through our faith in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

Repent & Believe

God calls all to repentance so that through His indescribable love we can experience salvation, healing, freedom, true happiness, true joy, and true satisfaction in Him. What is repentance? It’s turning away from self-rule and turning toward the sovereign rule of God in faith and obedience. 

Jesus is King

Jesus is currently seated forever at the right hand of the Father as the only Mediator between God and man, and He will return to rule, to reign, and to judge the living and the dead. He is the only way to the Father, and we shall reign with Him!

We Need the

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's work is fundamental to the destruction of satan's kingdom, the advancement of Christ's kingdom, and victory in the life of the believer. He empowers us to be witnesses and walk in the power of the Kingdom. Not by might nor by power, but by His Spirit!

Prayer & Fasting

Prayer and fasting are necessary to grow in intimacy, move in power, and for maturing into Christ-likeness. We are devoted to consecrating and denying ourselves in order to become more and more like Jesus.

Your Kingdom Come

The Holy Spirit empowers the Church as witnesses to continue the ministry of Jesus on the earth by preaching the Gospel, doing good, healing all oppressed by the devil, and destroying the works of devil . 


The entire Church is Christ's bride and body, and, despite our differences, we are called to unity in faith, hope, love of Jesus, and the preaching of the Gospel by and through the one Spirit.

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