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We are committed to creating spaces where we can host the Presence of Jesus. We are not interested in the benefits of a kingdom without its King. To that end, we pursue Jesus, and only Jesus, in order to invite Him and minister to Him as a worthy people in unity. 

Many people pursue many different things, even in the Church, but there is only one thing that is necessary (Luke 10:42). Sitting at the feet of Jesus is the place where we are filled and empowered to love Him and do all He asks of us with strength and joy.

Seeking a King that Brings a Kingdom

We do not call people to imitate others or adhere to the ideals of a particular movement. Instead, we invite individuals conform their lives in accordance with the example set by Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to embrace every facet of their identity, encompassing their background and life experiences, and let the Holy Spirit bring redemption to it. This process empowers them to fulfill be the unique individuals that God intended them to be so that they can accomplish the specific purpose that God has intricately designed for their lives, ultimately leading to a deep sense of joy and fulfillment as they wholeheartedly serve Jesus within their local community.

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Conformed to Christ's Image

Prayer House Coffee is practical centerpiece of our vision to bring Jesus into our local communities and create a redeemed people for His glory.


Our first location is in Claremont, NH, but our future is in every major city throughout the United States where we will create spaces for Jesus' presence to come and revolutionize those cities through His love and power.


Imagine a non-religious place where Jesus' Gospel is proclaimed, where Jesus is worshipped, where Jesus resides, and where a people encounter Him and are redeemed to do the good works prepared for them in advance to do: that's Prayer House Coffee.

Prayer House Coffee



Need help starting to win people to Jesus? Then, this is the place for you! Download, read, memorize, and share the soul-winning script that has led to millions of salvations all over the world, and you will be well on your way!

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